While your at the show, take advantage of the opportunity to shop for your dog and dog loving friends.

Our vendors offer many products and services that are not found in many stores. 

Vendor Contact Information please email : vendorinfo@skokievalleykc.org

Bondy Pet Products

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Featuring unique, handcrafted dog breed ceramics

Cindy's Suits

I do the shopping that you don't have the time to do!! I am continually taking feedback from my customers online and at the shows when I have booths to better your customer experience!  I appreciate all of my customers from California to the East Coast!  I try very hard to provide good quality items!

Cynthia Haase


The innovators of hand packed gourmet dinners and balanced meals for pets of all life stages, ages, and breeds

Healthy Food Makes Happy Pets!

GBM Elk Farm

Elk Antler Chews are some of the more superior chews available. Elk antler chews have rich coloring and amazing texture. Elk chews are big and dogs can’t get enough of these top notch chews. Some dogs prefer Elk Chews because they are slightly less dense then deer. Our Elk antler dog chews are all natural, unprocessed, clean and long-lasting. The edges of the elk antler chews have been sanded to remove any sharp edges.

Elk Velvet Antler is a renewable, all-natural dietary supplement that has been used as a primary health tonic and treatment for humans in Eastern Medicine for over 2,000 years. The health benefits of this nature products are also available for your pets. Our Ultimate Elk Velvet® premium velvet antler for pets is vet recommended for joint pain and enhancing your pet's mobility

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Your place for clothing such as leggings, dresses with pockets, skirts with and without pockets, tops and cardigans.

Pampered Pooch Couture

We are not just another pet boutique.  At Pampered Pooch Couture we are all about the BLING!  From the very beginning, we  have been offering couture looks without those steep ticket prices.  Our unique dresses will not be found at big box pet stores.  We can custom make all of them to fit your pampered companion perfectly.  Plus, don't think we forgot about your boy dogs!  We have a large selection of vests, polo shirts and custom tuxedos.  Over the years we have expanded our pop-up shop to also include COLLARS, LEASHES, and HARNESSES!  We have hand-picked all of our merchandise so you know you will be getting only the best quality.

The Couture Look Without the Couture Price


Our Nutrition Philosophy - It's The pawTree Difference

At pawTree, our philosophy about nutrition starts with our belief that pet nutrition shouldn’t just help your pets survive, it should help your pets thrive!

With pawTree, you can feel confident that the quality and care put into the development of every product means every bag is packed with the wholesome goodness your pets need to live healthy, vibrant lives

Dog food, treats, supplements. food toppers & toys

Sandeez Embroidery

Whether you are looking for fun, functional jewelry, or delightfully cute embroidery, you have come to the right place.

Sandeez Jewelry and Embroidery

Whitman's Grooming Supplies and Sharpening

Since 1995 Whitman's has been providing the pet enthusiast and dog grooming shops with grooming supplies as well as an extensive sharpening service.  In recent years we have acquired several exclusive distibutorships such as Chris Christensen, Alvalley, and the Andis Authorized Service Center. Whitman's strives to provide the BEST products along with the BEST service possible.  We accomplish this at approximately 35-50 dog/trade shows annually within the Michigan/Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana/Illinois and Wisconsin area.

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